Welcome to Westchase Software. We develop software for the earth sciences including the oil and mining industries as well as academia and research institutions.

We provide:

  • Complete ready-to-use applications for Windows and Linux machines
  • Components to incorporate into your own software
  • Consulting and software development plans
  • Training material and courses for our or your software
  • Free technical articles

We work in the following areas:

  • Geologic data analysis, including compositional data, spherical data, 3D and 4D data
  • Geostatistics, two-point and multi-point, "boolean" modeling
  • Stratigraphic forward modeling
  • Structural modeling
  • Graphic display

Our software is tailored to any size of user, from individual users such as consultants and students, through research groups and laboratories, to major services companies and oil and mining companies.

Easy to use and integrate

Easy to start

Our packages are user friendly and integrate well with applications from other vendors. Our components are easy to integrate into other new or existing software.

Efficient Design

Modern Design

Our software makes full use of multiple processors and taps into the parallel power of graphics processors, yet works well on older machines with limited parallel capabilities.

Concerned support

Modern Design

Our goal is to make you reach your own goals. We provide clear documentation and tutorials. We have arrangements for personal support by phone or in person at your own location. 

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