This page is in preparation. It will contain downloadable software.

Software available to IAMG course participants

Presently, the following software is available at no cost to participants of the IAMG 2018 course on Stratigraphic Forward Modeling. A username and password are required for download. If you participated in the course and do not know the username and password, please use the "Contact Us" menu item above.

1. Windows executable, source code, and minimal documentation for program to model the evolution of meandering rivers, distributed under the GNU General Public License: 'River' program

Please note that these files are in .zip format. Some servers may not allow downloading .zip files.

See also our Publications page.

Easy to use and integrate

Easy to start

Our packages are user friendly and integrate well with applications from other vendors. Our components are easy to integrate into other new or existing software.

Efficient Design

Modern Design

Our software makes full use of multiple processors and taps into the parallel power of graphics processors, yet works well on older machines with limited parallel capabilities.

Concerned support

Modern Design

Our goal is to make you reach your own goals. We provide clear documentation and tutorials. We have arrangements for personal support by phone or in person at your own location. 

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